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Brent is a Melbourne based food photographer who loves food. Cooking food, eating food, playing with food and working with food. Over his fourteen-year career, Brent has been photographing food images for magazines and cookbooks for national and international publishers.

The past four years, Brent has steadily accumulated an enviable folio, having completed or contributed to, over sixty book titles.

His experience, food knowledge, passion and commitment to everything food, has conditioned and sharpened his talent as a specialized and skilled food photographer, that can bring any project to its best with the slightest of ease.

Recently, Brent's "all things food" obsession, has driven him to prove his passion and commitment to food on a national stage, by honorably competing on Network Ten's hit television program Masterchef, where he became one of the top 20 contestants from over 7500 amateur chefs in 2009.

Brent finds his zeal for the plate influences every part of his life and as a photographer. He cooks at home nightly and he dreams of some day writing, cooking and photographing his own cookbook.

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I start with an empty plate, and then discover what the recipe needs to tell its audience. But it's in the pursuit of the capturing the magnificence of drips, droplets, splashes, pours, cracks, crumbs slices, stains, flecks, and trickles that brings the food to life, and its only then, I can truly tell you how it tastes. It's my belief this is the language and currency of a committed and passionate food photographer. I am a food photographer. Food on a plate is not what I photograph. Anyone can do that. That's not what I get excited about when I work. I call myself a food photographer, because I am motivated by holding still the interaction of ingredients on a surface, so the eyes can eat it and tell your mouth you really need to try this to. Then my work is done.

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